2017 Tornado Soccer Camp:
June 26 - 30, 2017
Camp Overview:
The Tornado Soccer Camp will utilize the same philosophy and fun approach used by the camp since 1999. The approach is based upon the individual player within the one on one (1 v 1) game. The approach, at all levels, is based upon the individual player within the one on one (1 v 1) game with the top players also being given the opportunity to expand their development into some small group technical and tactical elements. The sole focus is on developing the fundamentals of the game in a fun, dynamic environment.

We have found the single most important element of coaching children is developing their self-confidence, helping them to believe they can perform the fundamentals of the game. The key is an extremely low staff to camper ratio that maximizes individual attention. This philosophy has been hugely successful as it keeps young players motivated and engaged through the most innovative coaching methods in the United States.

As we did last year, we will add more advanced work and small group play into the curriculum for top players, especially with the rising 4th and 8th graders. We hope you can attend because we’ll have a great time and learn a lot!
King University (1350 King College Rd, Bristol, TN) - MAP I Download
Grade Levels:
Boys & Girls Ages 5-14
Full Day Camp: $175.00 (Lunch Provided!)
Half Day Camp: $120.00
(Early drop off 8:30 a.m.)
Camp Fees:
Daily Schedule:
Coming Soon...
What to Bring:
Cleats, Shin guards, Tennis Shoes, Water Bottle, Ball, Snacks (optional), Sandals, SUNSCREEN!, Insurance information, Extra Change of Clothes (recommended in case of wet conditions)
Camp Director:
Leah Presley, Head Women’s Soccer Coach - King University
Camp Staff:
King University coaching staff and players.
Contact Leah Presley at (423) 652-4704 / ldpresley@king.edu with any questions regarding this year’s camp.
Utilizing the Same Philosophy and Fun Approach Used by the Camp Since 1999!
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